Natalie Warne has developed an innovative platform built upon the firm belief that driven individuals of all ages have the capacity to be change agents for their global community. She has spoken to more than 500 different audiences and over 61,000 people worldwide. Natalie speaks on the power that this generation has to shape our future through activism and civic engagement.


Featured Talks

Natalie Warne is setting an excellent example for youth today! Her work.. is awe inspiring!
- Katie Couric
Young people really can make an impact. Natalie Warne is a great example!
- Guy Raz, TED Radio Hour
We here (at Gender Alliance and U.S. Embassy Albania) and the participants in each activity enjoyed Natalie's profound speeches and Activism Training Workshops. She is fantastic at talking to young people and encouraging them to take action. I think Natalie has appropriate skills to talk and inspire young people from all different countries. I really hope that she has the chance to come back again to Albania or to continue her mission in other countries!
- Mirela Arqimandrit, Executive Director of Gender Alliance for Development Centre, Albania
Natalie spoke about “anonymous extraordinaries.” The people who work tirelessly for change and impact, not recognition. She spoke about times of dryness, when there’s no major events or campaigns happening, how we are still activists, creatives, and artists. In the trenches and in the valleys, here is where we gain the tools and insight we need to climb the mountains when they come. We are valuable because we are human beings, everything else is a bonus. Natalie reminded us not to get caught up in titles, recognitions or awards. Our paths may change throughout our lives but at our core are the same.
- Joanna Waterfall, Founder of Yellow Conference

Past Talks


Forbes Women's Summit 2017 Spotlight Speaker
New York, NY

U.S. Embassy Albania
Tirana, Albania

Boys & Girls Club of America Keystone Conference
Chicago, IL

Apple Executives Gala
San Francisco, CA

Y.E.S. Albania - U.S. State Dpt. Exchange Program
Tirana, Albania

Amnesty International
Washington, DC

SAP Twitter Panel International Youth Day
Los Angeles, CA

TEDxTeen 2011, 2012
New York, NY

We Are Family Foundation Peace Summit
New York, NY

Forbes Women's Summit & SAP Opening Reception
New York, NY

Tirana, Albania

Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës
Durres, Albania

University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

SAP Young Minds Bright Ideas
New York, NY

Global Solutions Summit
Vail, CO

Rotary International Youth Leadership Awards
Norwalk, CT

Yellow Conference 2017
Los Angeles, CA

Estes Park Institute   Medical Conference
La Quinta, CA

South Pasadena High School
Pasadena, CA

Gender Alliance for Development Centre
Tirana, Albania

University of Tirana
Tirana, Albania

Investigative Journalism Lab U.S. Embassy Albania
Tirana, Albania

SAP We The Future Summit
Philadelphia, PA

Estes Park Institute   Medical Conference
Maui, HI

Social Media Week LA
Los Angeles, CA

University of Connecticut Philanthropy Gala
Storrs, CT

Kent Denver School
Denver, CO

Estes Park Institute   Medical Conference
Maui, Hawaii

Yellow Conference 2014
Los Angeles, CA

Ministry of Social Welfare Youth Centre
Tirana, Albania

buildOn Conference
Chicago, IL

Lyford Cay International School Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas

SAP Tech Ideas Summit
Boston, MA

Girl Scouts of America    Gold Award Ceremony
Pasadena, CA

Arizona State University
Los Angeles, CA

Jewish Family Services Teen Leadership Awards
San Diego, CA

Uncollege Conference
San Francisco, CA

Estes Park Institute   Medical Conference
Naples, FL

Drew-Freeman Middle School
Suitland, MD

Over 400 Universities, High Schools, Churches, Camps, and Conferences in the United States as a Public Speaker Representative on behalf of Invisible Children between 2008 - 2010