Natalie Warne is an Activist, Advocacy Educator, Youth Engagement Expert, Producer, and TED Speaker

who at the age of 17, decided to work for the humanitarian aid organization, Invisible Children. What began as a five-month internship resulted in Natalie producing award-winning international human rights awareness campaigns that landed her a TED Talk on engaging youth in social justice and two TEDx Talks that have been viewed over a million times. Natalie has mobilized youth through innovative nationwide programs and campaigns and her work has been featured on CNN, NPR and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Natalie was asked to produce documentary pieces on women who had survived the Rwandan Genocide during which she lived in Rwanda. Upon returning back to the United States from Rwanda, Natalie began working for TaskForce, an independent agency that served as the creative force alongside Shepard Fairey to create the 2008 Obama HOPE Campaign. TaskForce works primarily at the intersection of Arts/Culture and Social Change to build capacity and community for the most influential non-profits, brands and people who are taking on some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation and world. Her time at TaskForce lead her to work as a multimedia producer and millennial ambassador for the MacArthur Foundation. She worked with a network of educators, experts, and youth-serving organizations that promotes access to participatory, interest-driven learning, and provided them with branding and engagement strategies for their youth audience.

To this day, Natalie has spoken to more than 75,000 people worldwide in 500 different engagements and delivered three TEDx talks about her journey from teenager to global activist. She has worked for prestigious universities, Fortune 500 businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and hundreds of educational institutions ranging from grammar school to high school. She has been sought out by clients including the Obama Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Forbes Women's SummitU.S. Department of State, Stanford UniversityThe Boys and Girls Club of America, Apple, SAP, Amnesty International and many more

This work has lead Natalie to work as a Youth Engagement Expert, training leadership teams around the world on how to best engage, empower, and activate young people. She has served as a Youth Engagement Strategist for the Obama Foundation and the Bill, Melinda Gates Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation to name a few clients. Natalie created an Activism Training Program designed to activate and equip individuals of all ages and across all industries with the knowledge and tools needed to build momentum towards lasting change in their communities, society and the world. Her message on social justice, anti-racism, and the power of storytelling is influenced by her childhood where she grew up in the inner-city of Chicago surrounded by a family of activists who have dedicated their lives towards bringing positive social change to their community. Natalie is currently based in Los Angeles.