Every speaker and speech is unique. Natalie will tailor a speaking method specific to your needs that allows you to express your ideas, convey the passion you have for your subject matter, and deliver with confidence. 


Natalie has worked with a wide range of individuals from prominent TED speakers, CEOs, TV Personalities, Executive Leadership Teams, NGO Founders, Film Directors, and Young Professionals. 


Speaking comes in many forms. Natalie has trained speakers in:

  • Keynote Speeches

  • TED Style Speeches

  • Panels

  • Pitch Delivery

  • Hosting / MC

  • Corporate Presentations

  • General Public Speaking Training


Natalie's specialty is presentation preparation, speech delivery, and stage presence. Once the speechwriting process is complete, she will carefully work through your delivery cycle. This includes:


  • Modeling Your Speech Content and Story Arc

  • Memorization and Practice Techniques

  • Timing Exercises

  • Building Stage Confidence

  • Connecting With Your Audience

  • Delivery

  • Lasting Engagement


If you are based in the Los Angeles or Greater Los Angeles area, Natalie can conduct in-person private sessions as well as group sessions. If you are based outside of Los Angeles, Natalie can conduct virtual video conference sessions or she can be flown to you if her schedule allows. 



Professional Public Speaker

Natalie’s experience as an internationally acclaimed public speaker spans over a decade. She has delivered speeches to over 500 audiences and 75,000 individuals worldwide. Her TED Talk and TEDx Talks have over 1 million views and counting. Natalie’s work as a sought after speaker allows her to train others based off of first hand experience. Every speech can be delivered to be relatable and intriguing, no matter how diverse an audience.

Conference & Event Producer

Natalie’s experience having worked as a conference and event producer allows her to help each speaker understand the expectations of their clients and event organizers. This insight has helped her coach speakers on how to best prepare for specific event, audiences, and meet their desired outcomes.

Film Producer

Natalie’s work as a filmmaker has allowed her to express her own story in the most captivating and engaging way. She understands the importance of connecting intimately with an audience, crafting the most compelling story arc, and leaving a lasting impression.



Natalie Warne was vital to the success of my TEDx Talk. Her enthusiasm gave me confidence I could pull it off, and her fresh ideas elevated my talk. Because Natalie had spoken at numerous TEDx events before, she was able to give me inside tips and knowledge nobody else could have. And she's just so wonderful to work and hang out with! Thank you Natalie for all your help!

- Alicia Malone, TV Host, Author, Film Reporter, Producer


Natalie delivers powerful coaching and training. Her energy and enthusiasm comes straight from the heart. She is so down to earth, it's contagious and outrageous! She greatly impacts and inspires the community here and around the world. She helped me to develop and translate my life story into a beautiful conversation! Now I get to share that with the world. Thank you Natalie!

- Philip Garcia, Music Producer, IT Consultant


Natalie is a wonderful coach. She taught me real, tangible techniques to calm my nerves and do the easiest and most honest thing of all - be more of who I am. I highly recommend working with her to improve your speaking and presentation skills. Best of all she's a pleasure to work with and incredibly inspiring. 

- Melissa Palmer, CEO of OSEA Malibu


Having a coaching session with Natalie Warne is one of the best decisions I've made to improve my business and skill set. I'm impressed by her organization, knowledge, and ideas throughout the session. She has great energy and really has your success in mind. I can't wait to implement the material into my business. Thank you, Natalie!

- Joe Rivera (DJ MOJOE), DJ, Host, Entertainer