Every speaker and speech is unique. Natalie will tailor a speaking method specific to your needs that allows you to express your ideas and convey the passion you have for your subject matter. 

Natalie has worked with a wide range of individuals from prominent TED speakers, CEOs, TV Personalities, and young professionals.


Natalie's specialty is presentation preparation, speech delivery, and stage presence. Once the speechwriting process is complete, she will carefully work through your delivery cycle. This includes:


Modeling Your Speech Content and story arc

Memorization & Practice Techniques

Timing Exercises

Building Stage Confidence

Connecting With Your Audience




Professional Public Speaker

Natalie’s experience as a public speaker spans nearly a decade. She has delivered speeches to over 450 audiences and 600,000 individuals worldwide. Her TEDtalk has nearly 1 million views. Natalie’s work as a successful speaker allows her to train others based off of first hand experience. Every speech can be delivered to be relatable and intriguing, no matter how diverse an audience.

Conference & Event Producer

Natalie’s work as a conference and event producer allows her to help each speaker understand the expectations of conference organizers and how to best prepare for that specific event and audience.

Film Producer

Natalie’s work as a filmmaker has allowed her to express her own story in the most captivating and engaging way. She understands the importance of connecting intimately with an audience, crafting the most compelling story arch, and leaving a lasting impression.